TIENS Group Chairman Li Jinyuan Visits Makerere University in Uganda

Date:2018-11-23 Publisher:1331com银河游戏

At the invitation of Makerere University in Uganda, TIENS Group Chairman Li Jinyuan visited the university's executive president, Prof. Barnabas Nawangwe, on the afternoon of November 13. President Nawangwe, accompanied by the school's senior leadership and public service minister, Hon. Wilson Muruli Mukasa, welcomed Li Jinyuan’s visit. President Nawangwe said that Makerere University is one of Uganda's most prestigious universities and has a well-equipped research center. Makerere University has always maintained close cultural exchanges with China and looks forward to establishing a close collaborative relationship with Tianyuan University in the future, building a foundation for the far-reaching development of academic exchanges between the two universities, and jointly enhancing international academic influence.

\Chairman Li Jinyuan (left) presents the Tianyuan University plaque to President Nawangwe (right)

President Nawangwe introduced to Li Jinyuan that Makerere University is located in the western part of Kampala, the largest city in Uganda with 60% of its population. It is the earliest established university in East Africa. Many of Uganda's dignitaries and celebrities emerged from the university. The current Minister of Public Service, Mukasa, graduated from this university.

\\TIENS Group Chairman Li Jinyuan, African Region President Jia Yongqing, President Nawangwe, and other senior officials exchanged views and introduced Tianyuan University.

Li Jinyuan said that Tianyuan University is a university that is open to the global higher education system. Based on the disciplines, special schools, talents, and international schools, it is necessary to build a high-level, international application research university. In future planning, we must stand at the high starting point of internationalization when treating the development of disciplines and universities. Universities must gain strength from a diverse and strong academic climate, and adhere to the development of the right values for the next generation.

\Chairman Li Jinyuan (left) and President Nawangwe (middle) and Public Service Minister Mukasa (right)

After reading the relevant overview of Tianyuan University, President Nawangwe expressed his admiration for the campus style and planning of Tianyuan University. He expressed the hope that in the future, he will have the opportunity to collaborate with Tianyuan University in education, and conduct an analysis of the gap between the two countries in terms of higher education. He will conduct in-depth discussions on the substantive collaboration between the two universities in the future, and the establishment of cultural exchanges reached a consensus.

\TIENS Group Chairman Li Jinyuan (7th from the left), African Region President Jia Yongqing (5th from the right), and President Nawangwe of Makerere University (6th from the right)

During the meeting, Chairman Li Jinyuan proposed to welcome scholars from Makerere University in Uganda to enter Tianyuan University for further study and exchange. At the same time, President Nawangwe also invited scholars from Tianyuan University to enter the University of Makerere for guidance and exchange, and yearns for TIENS’ education investment in Uganda, and hopes that the two universities will develop new opportunities for collaboration in higher education in the future.


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