Assistant President of the Republic of the Sudan Abdul Rahman Al-Sadig Al-Mahadi meets with TIENS Group Chairman Li Jinyuan

Date:2018-11-23 Publisher:1331com银河游戏


At the invitation of Major-General Abdul Rahman Al-Sadig Al-Mahadi, the Assist President of the Republic of the Sudan, TIENS Group chairman, Li Jinyuan, led the group's top management on the morning of November 11 to the Presidential Palace in the heart of Khartoum for a meeting. Assistant President Abdul Rahman welcomed Li Jinyuan and his entourage and stressed that Sudan attaches great importance to bilateral economic and trade relations with China. Chinese companies, such as TIENS Group, have a highly globalized landscape, diversified vision, and professional management experience. Abdul Rahman said that Sudan sincerely welcomes TIENS to actively carry out investment and development, and jointly create a historical opportunity for economic prosperity, a win-win relationship, and common development.


In the eight years since the establishment of its Sudan office, TIENS Group has made very specific contributions in promoting employment and improving people's health and well-being. Abdul Rahman said that he personally affirms that TIENS has deeply participated in the development of the Sudanese economy and has truly integrated with Sudan, expressing his sincere gratitude. Abdul Rahman mentioned that he will arrange the relevant departments of the Sudanese government to continue in-depth exchanges with TIENS Group, and to open up more possibilities for the future development of Sudan. At the same time, he also created the most suitable business conditions for TIENS Group to continue expanding investments in Sudan.


In response, Chairman Li Jinyuan said that TIENS Group, as a highly globalized Chinese company, has been committed to supporting the Sudanese government in improving the living standards of the local people for the past eight years. It has the responsibility and obligation to bring more benefits to the people of Sudan. TIENS Group has been looking for new investment opportunities in Sudan to contribute more to the country’s economic development. During the talks, Chairman Li Jinyuan introduced Abdul Rahman to the current development status of TIENS Group and the core “one body, multiple wings” global strategic development plan of TIENS Group.


TIENS Group's “one body, multiple wings” strategy is in line with China's “Belt and Road” policy development, and the projects implemented in Sudan will include Maya E-commerce, Tai Ji Sun Medical, and TIENS Product Experience Centers.

After the talks, Abdul Rahman wrote an inscription for TIENS Group and sincerely wished for the prosperous development of TIENS Group in Sudan. Chairman Li Jinyuan cordially invited Abdul Rahman to take time to visit TIENS Group headquarters.


During his visit to Sudan, Li Jinyuan donated money to local charities and received an exclusive interview with Sudanese media, such as Sudan TV.


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