Nobel Prize Winner Craig C. Mello Visits TIENS

Date:2018-11-16 Publisher:1331com银河游戏

On November 14, 2018, at the invitation of Tiens Group, Craig C. Mello, Ph.D., a Nobel laureate and professor of molecular medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, visited TIENS Group and Tianyuan University. During the visit, Ph.D. Mello was officially employed as an advisor of TIENS International Development Institute and as an academic advisor of Tianyuan University, where he also had academic exchanges with teachers and students. The two parties will establish a long-term means for communication to contribute to the global health industry and top academic education.


After arriving at TIENS Group, Ph.D. Mello first had in-depth talks with TIENS Group VP, Yan Yupeng, in the VIP room. Yan Yupeng first expressed his welcome and gratitude to Ph.D. Mello's visit, and gave a detailed introduction to TIENS Group's 24-year history and the global strategy of “one body, multiple wings”.


Yan Yupeng said that TIENS Group's efforts in the field of human health have a lot in common with Ph.D. Mello's research direction, and share a common dream to improve human health by scientific research and improving education. Subsequently, Yan Yupeng issued a letter of appointment for Ph.D. Mello and officially hired him as a consultant for the Tiens International Development Institute. Ph.D. Mello said that he was very honored to be invited to visit Tianyuan University. He hoped that through future collaboration, the research results will be transformed into the productivity for TIENS’ health field and contribute to the global health cause.


After the talks, Yan Yupeng accompanied Ph.D. Mello to visit the construction site of Tianyuan University and planted a platane tree that symbolizes friendship and peace during the unveiling ceremony of the "Friendship and Peace" monument. After the unveiling ceremony, Yan Yupeng and Ph.D. Mello and all the guests and witnesses moved to the exchange hall and began an exchange with the teachers and students of Tianyuan University.


Ph.D. Mello emphasized during the exchange that becoming a top scholar not only requires maintaining a sense of curiosity, but one must also conduct as much research as possible while being able to relax and compromise in the face of difficulties. Ph.D. Mello also said that gene therapy is a very cutting-edge field. Chinese students cherish such educational opportunities and hope that students of Tianyuan University who are interested in gene therapy can work in his research lab.


In an interview with China Arab TV, Yan Yupeng responded to questions related to inviting Nobel Prize winners to exchange ideas, the development of education is the wish of TIENS Chairman Li Jinyuan, and also the social mission and responsibility of TIENS Group. Enterprise development requires talents, and contributing to society requires education. TIENS Group has not forgotten its initial intentions and has invested the proceeds of overseas multinational currencies into education. So far, it has invested a total of 1.4 billion yuan. TIENS Group has set up an international academic exchange platform for Tianyuan University, and invited Nobel Prize laureates, such as Ph.D. Mello, to enable teachers and students of Tianyuan University to receive teaching from the academic achievements and academic research of the world's top academic researchers.

Yan Yupeng said that the Nobel Prize laureates discussion and exchange is also of great significance for Tianyuan University's development plan for the next 10 years. Tianyuan University is founded on the disciplines, special schools, talents, and international schools, and must be built into a high-level international application research university. In future planning, we must stand at the high starting point of internationalization and treat the development of disciplines and the university, with the help of TIENS Group, Tianyuan University has achieved collaboration with the “1+1” graduate students of famous universities in the United Kingdom and the United States, and has taken a key step in the international development of Tianyuan University.

In response to a CCTV reporter's question about TIENS Group's future support for Tianyuan University, Yan Yupeng said that TIENS Group will spend huge sums of money to build functional buildings, such as university libraries, recreation centers, and student apartments, in the next year to provide better living and learning environments for teachers and students. In addition to the “hardware” investment, TIENS Group will also support the “software” upgrades of Tianyuan University more comprehensively. Chairman Li Jinyuan visited famous universities in foreign countries by visiting political figures of various countries, paving the way for the educational development of Tianyuan University. TIENS Group and Tianyuan University will strengthen interconnection and intercommunication in the future, with the university acting as an "incubator" for TIENS Group, building a training base for the students of related disciplines, and open up the "last mile" of the development path of "production, learning, and research". With the support of TIENS Group, Tianyuan University will accelerate its international integration and become a world-class university, cultivate more research and application talents, create value, and contribute to society.


Subsequently, accompanied by Yan Yupeng, Ph.D. Mello visited the TIENS Product Experience Center to experience the achievements of TIENS in the field of health and wellness.



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