TIENS Group Chairman Li Jinyuan Visited University of Zimbabwe

Date:2018-11-12 Publisher:Tiens

TIENS Group Chairman Li Jinyuan paid a courtesy visit to the University of Zimbabwe on Nov. 7th. Chairman Li was greeted with a warm welcome from the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul Mapfumo and the executives from the University of Zimbabwe. Prof. Mapfumo indicated that the University of Zimbabwe is committed to building a diversified and inclusive environment as the principle of education. The Vice-chancellor said he highly values the bilateral relations between Zimbabwe and China in academics and cultural exchange aspects, and the top leaders of the University of Zimbabwe stated that the University looks forward to the in-depth cooperation with Tianyuan University.

The University of Zimbabwe is the largest comprehensive university with the longest history in Zimbabwe. During the talk, Chairman Li shared his entrepreneurship of over 24 years and his ambition for the future development of Tianyuan University. Chairman Li mentioned his mission of Tianyuan University is to benefit society, and that the university is determined to provide the finest education environment for the next generation.

\Vice-Chancellor Mapfumo Accepts Appointment Letter from Tianyuan University

Li Jinyuan said that Tianyuan University is always open for cooperation with other higher education institutes globally. Li stated that it is his personal ideology that universities must provide power to their students by providing diversified and rigorous academic environments, as well as consistently supporting the right values for the next generation. Li also invited the leaders of the University of Zimbabwe to visit Tianyuan University to further solidify the relationship between the two parties.

After listening to the complete introduction of Tianyuan University by Li, Mapfumo stated that he was deeply touched by Li’s determination. Mapfumo also stated that he agrees with Li’s ideology that the purpose of education must be giving back to society. Vice-Chancellor Mapfumo stated that he and University of Zimbabwe are of great hope that the cooperation between Tianyuan University and the University of Zimbabwe will accelerate after the meeting. This will establish an important foundation for higher education in Zimbabwe and China. It will also provide new opportunities for students from both countries to explore and achieve success in life.

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