Anna from TIENS’ Human Resources (HR) Department, loves TIENS’ “One World, One Family”culture.

Date:2020-01-03 Publisher:1331com银河游戏

Anna says:

“What is a job? When you love what you do from the bottom of your heart, it will be more than just a job to you. A job is really a channel through which we may realize our full potential and unlock the value of our lives. It’s a great honor to join TIENS and I enjoy my work here very much. I love TIENS’ “One World, One Family” corporate culture. I have learned so much already and have become friends with lots of interesting people. The HR Department is the window into our company from the perspective of any job-seeker. We deliver the first impression. I want to give potential colleagues an excellent experience during their interview. I achieve this by preparing thoroughly and showing a candidate that we are a professional and supportive company to work for.”

Anna has a strong sense of belonging as well as an excellent grasp of TIENS’ various business lines. She works closely with individual department heads as a key member of the TIENS family. Anna’s ability to embrace differences and complexity demonstrates her open mind. If you get an opportunity to work with Anna, you will surely sense her importance to TIENS in terms of the contributions she makes.

Joining TIENS has been a dream come true.

“Of course, I knew of TIENS long before working here. Our products are very popular in Russia, with sales representatives in many cities. I had a teacher when I was a little girl, who was a part-time sales representative with TIENS.” Many years later, Anna is happy to be associated with the brand her very own primary teacher had championed. We are sure that if this teacher could know of Anna’s decision to join us, she would be delighted.

Anna’s hometown is a beautiful city in the east of Russia, which lies on the Russia-China border and is a key facilitator of trade relations between the two countries. When she was a little girl, Anna felt warmly towards China and became interested in Chinese. She ultimately completed a master’s degree at Dalian University of Foreign Languages, where she explored many of her favorite subjects including Psychology and HR Management.

After graduating, Anna began her career as a sales representative for a company based in Dalian. This role taught her how a single person’s determination could affect the fluctuation of a company’s revenue. She also learned that a company’s biggest asset is the talent it can attract. Employees determine how successful a company will be. Anna’s excellent inter personal and communication skills have allowed her to work across the levels and boundaries to have objectives achieved while maintaining a collaborative relationship. In her current role at TIENS, work as Human Resources Recruiter contributing to acquisition and retention of best talents to the company, connecting people's individual goal with the Company's core value (Mission, Vision, Value) to assure mutual growth.

TIENS has been very supportive of me.

Anna says, “When I came to register with the company for the first time, I did not expect such a wonderful environment and was really taken a back. The scope and scale of the company’s resources still impresses me to this day. After I joined, employees at all levels looked after me and made me feel welcomed. For example, Ms. He, the director of HR, helped me familiarize myself with each business area and with TIENS' “One World, One Family” ethos. My colleagues also gave me so much support and helpful tips. All of this has enabled me to quickly fit into the family here at TIENS and work independently very quickly.”

“What impresses me most, is the “One World, One Family” culture at TIENS. When, as a member of the TIENS family, you face some challenges, other employees will actively come and help you out. Employees here are altruistic and share their working experiences and methods unreservedly, which has helped me grow quickly,” Anna says.

“Besides my direct line manager, TIENS’ upper management also takes good care of us.For example, a meeting was recently held for all foreign employees to discuss our work and living conditions. We were encouraged to communicate new ideas and come up with strategies to address any potential issues. This was great as it helped us feel valued and motivates me to work even harder.”

Anna has become very good at what she does and is familiar with the characteristics required of candidates at each position across our business. For instance, a candidate for the Legal Department should be meticulous and detail-oriented; a candidate for a supervisory role must be punctual and responsible. Any late shows for interviews are a big no-no; a candidate for the Brand Department or Customer Services should be passionate and a great communicator.

As of today, Anna has had two big wins. Firstly, she has found a sound candidate for a role within the Business Department and secondly, she has finished all of the tasks on her to-do list. She says that she considers herself a human resource, and needs to manage her time and energy effectively! She smiles and says, “These are self-set KPIs.”

Love challenges and try different things.

The psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, in his book Thinking Fast and Slow, elaborates on how the brain works. He says that after a while, the brain forms a paradigm that favors relaxation over labor, thus avoiding the consumption of too much energy.

When confronted with a familiar environment or one that challenges us, most people will choose the former. Anna picks the latter without hesitation. She is tenacious and thrives in challenging environments. If she has been after a particular candidate for a long time, Anna “will always try to find a way to win them over.” Of course, you can’t win them all, and when such a candidate does turn down an offer, Anna will work hard to understand why. She will keep in close contact with them and maintain the possibility of future cooperation.

Persistence, adaptability, and a sense of responsibility are three characteristics Anna prides herself on. As a member of HR, Anna communicates effortlessly with a sharp eye and warm personality. When asked what example she’d like to set others, Anna says first and foremost, accountability, followed by diligence.



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