Uganda President Yoweri Kuguta Museveni Meets with TIENS Group Chairman Li Jinyuan

Date:2018-11-26 Publisher:1331com银河游戏

November 14, 2018 -- TIENS Group Chairman Li Jinyuan was invited by Uganda President H.E. Pre Yoweri Kuguta Museveni and led a group of senior officials to a formal meeting at the presidential palace in Entebbe, Kampala. President Museveni arranged for the cabinet members - the Ministry of Public Relations, the Ministry of Investment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other ministers to attend the meeting with Chairman Li Jinyuan. Chairman Li Jinyuan and President Museveni immediately started formal talks. President Museveni told Chairman Li that Uganda hopes to link up with China's development strategy and foreign collaboration policy, as well as engage in strategic connection with Chinese companies that are investing in Africa. We sincerely look forward to promoting business relations with China through collaboration with TIENS Group, bringing more support to the country's economic construction, and creating a new chapter of mutually beneficial and win-win economic collaboration.

\Uganda President Yoweri Kuguta Museveni (right) and TIENS Group Chairman Li Jinyuan (left)

During the talks, Chairman Li Jinyuan explained to President Museveni that Uganda is the last stop of his trip to Africa and a very important African market for TIENS Group's global strategy, especially in African countries. The layout has a special meaning. President Museveni said that he attaches great importance to Uganda's bilateral collaboration with China. Uganda very much hopes that Chinese enterprises will develop here. By attracting investment from Chinese companies and leveraging the advanced experience of Chinese companies to promote common development and progress. TIENS Group, as a multinational company with globalization, diversification, and professional management experience is always welcome to invest in Uganda.

\Chairman Li Jinyuan gave a detailed introduction to TIENS Group and Tianyuan University to President Yoweri Museveni

President Museveni said that the Ugandan government hopes that more foreign capital, including Chinese capital, will enter Uganda to promote local economic development. He is very familiar with the development achievements of TIENS Group around the world and is thankful to TIENS for bringing to Uganda its global resources and business network channels from all over the world. President Museveni also said that TIENS Group's enterprises have brought health and wealth to 80,000 families in Uganda in the past 14 years, and solved the employment problem for a large number of people. President Museveni sincerely hopes to establish an in-depth friendship with Chairman Li Jinyuan. At the same time, he hopes to promote mutual exchanges through the joint efforts of both sides and continue to carry out more substantive collaboration with TIENS Group in many fields, such as education, hotels, and tourism.

Chairman Li Jinyuan said that TIENS is very willing to share its rich development experience in the fields of health and education from around the world for the past 24 years, and will fully collaborate with the Ugandan government in this field. As a responsible multinational company, TIENS Group has been committed to supporting the government to improve the living standards of the local people for many years. Chairman Li said that TIENS Group must continue to pay attention to investment opportunities in Uganda and do its utmost to promote the economic development of Uganda and make positive contributions in the process.


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