TIENS Group’s New Retail Business Gathers Momentum in Central Asia Through Kazakhstan

Date:2019-04-18 Publisher:1331com银河游戏

(April 8, Almaty) At 11:28 a.m. on April 5, TIENS Group, a leader of the global health industry, announced the official launch of its new retail business project in the economic hub city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. The event also marked the official opening of its TIENS Experience Store, which is located on the ancient silk road of Arbat Street and this is a concrete representation of the company's "One Body, Multiple Wings" global strategy. The new TIENS Experience Store in Almaty is the second experience store in the overseas market and the fourth in the world since TIENS officially launched its new retail business in July 2018.

\Locals gather in Albat Street (Улица Жибек Жолы - “The Silk Road”) for the opening of the Experience Store, which marks the strong friendship between China and Kazakhstan.

In 2017, TIENS Group was honored with the "Best Health Food Award" in Kazakhstan. It also received the Halal certification this year, there by demonstrating its commitment to providing high-quality products for local consumers. TIENS Group has donated KZT 25.6 million to charity activities in Kazakhstan over the past four years. The company has said it will also invest in the Astana Children's Charity Project in the future to continue to contribute to local economic development and public welfare.

Following the launch of the "One Body, Multiple Wings" global strategy in January last year, TIENS Group has invested a great deal of resources in integrating and establishing a complete set of business systems covering health products and physical retail, medical and healthcare, education, e-commerce, tourism, and hotels. TIENS Group has said that the opening of the first TIENS Experience Store in Kazakhstan will result in a new integrated marketing model and create more business opportunities, as well as fully combining the TIENS physical store with its e-commerce business. In other words, it follows the principle of "the network includes stores and stores involve the network. Through ofo (online and offline) methods, cross-border integration of different resources is achieved to form a network of global purchase, global sales, interconnectivity and mutual replacement. At the same time, TIENS also introduces the most cutting-edge experiential social experience for local groups in pursuit of fashion. It provides consumers at all levels, especially young people, with the most intuitive and unique consumption experience, while also creating more talking points among consumers, and delivering a real and tangible experience for people yearning for a better life.

\Fashionable young people in Kazakhstan beckon their friends to enter and experience the store before the crowds

In recent years, global economic development has been shifting more and more rapidly towards Asia. Located in Asia and playing a key role in the global economy, China has developed closer contact and more fruitful economic and trade exchanges with its "Belt and Road Initiative" partners in Europe and Asia. With the significant increase of consumption potential in Central Asia in recent years, consumers have high demands in fashion, technology, while also expecting to expand their social circle globally in the pursuit of a better life. Following a year-long global research project, TIENS Group announced the launch of its new retail business project in July last year to officially respond to market demands and kick-start its global implementation. Kazakhstan is the largest country in Central Asia and has abundant of natural resources, in a key strategic location and has over a decade of business cooperation with TIENS group. As such, it has become an important partner of TIENS Group is promoting the new retail business in the region. The TIENS Group Experience Store in Almaty is the fourth in the world. The other three are located in Shenzhen, Tianjin (TIENS headquarters), and the Red Square in Moscow, the latter of which opened on March 1 and is TIENS Group's first experience store outside China.

\The TIENS Experience Store is one of the most fashionable places in Kazakhstan and is a popular meeting point for millennials

Founded in 1994 and now operating in 110 countries with business covering 190 countries and regions around the world, TIENS Group entered Central Asia shortly after launching its global business in 1997. It has established over 20 years of close business partnerships in most countries along China's "Belt and Road Initiative". TIENS Group's new retail project will provide more cooperation projects and opportunities for Kazakhstan, which has been doing business with China for over a century. Moreover, it is an opportunity to focus on the profound work of TIENS Group in Central Asia in compliance with the "Belt and Road Initiative", and to enhance strategic cooperation among countries at all levels. TIENS is committed to sharing the great achievements of mutual benefit, common prosperity, shared prosperity, shared responsibility, shared development and sustainable business opportunities with its business partners.

\TIENS is committed to building a fully integrated ecosystem that meets the diversified demands of people yearning for a better life

\Fashionable Kazakhstani women pose with the Celles Tian series of high-end skin products which has just new launched in Kazakhstan.

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