TIENS Biological Development Co., Ltd. Approved to Establish Academician Expert Workstation

Date:2018-12-28 Publisher:1331com银河游戏

On December 12, 2018, the Academician Expert Workstation declared by TIENS Biological Development Co., Ltd. was formally approved by the Tianjin Science and Technology Association. Thanks to the establishment of the Academician Workstation, the team of experts represented by Academician Yu Mengsun will contribute to the technological innovation and technological advancement of TIENS Group's global “One Body, Multiple Wings” products and will help TIENS launch its third phase of development.

As a leader of the "Chinese School" ("Qian Xuesen School") health system, Yu Mengsun is committed to finding ways to transform medicine in China and the world, such as dynamically modeling the circulatory system, monitoring and regulating human sleep states, and the prevention of chronic disease. Outstanding contributions have been made in the fields of control and modernization of traditional medicine. The addition of Yu Mengsun and his team facilitates the production and development of TIENS products. In the future, the TIENS Academician Expert Workstation will introduce a number of academicians and experts to transform research results into the productivity of TIENS’ health field by collaborating in scientific research, jointly contributing to the global health cause.


TIENS' third phase of development has brought about broader development opportunities and also put forward higher requirements for product production and development. Based on the plans and instructions of TIENS Chairman Li Jinyuan, the Academe of Life Science and Technology integrated the Group's resources to complete the application and defense of the Academician Expert Workstation. In the process of approval, relying on the collaboration of TIENS International Development Research Institute, Tianyuan University, Tai Ji Sun Hospital, Quality Management Department, Human Resources Department, and Finance Center, it successfully obtained the approval document and Academician Expert Workstation plaque issued by the Tianjin Science and Technology Association in a process that took half a year.


Wang Yongzhi, Head of the TIENS Academe of Life Science and Technology, said that the establishment of the Academician Expert Workstation can effectively integrate scientific and technological resources and provide guidance for product development from an international perspective. Based on the Academe of Life Science and Technology, a Postdoctoral Workstation, an Academician Expert Workstation, and a future Nobel Prize-winning Workstation will be established. These layouts will be equipped with more powerful technological drivers for leading R&D capabilities, providing TIENS’ products with even more powerful technical support and long-lasting market vitality.

TIENS Academe of Life Science and Technology will accelerate its pace of production and R&D in the context of TIENS’ third phase of development, transforming its current hard power into the technological soft power that will lead the market. From the perspective of global health, it will deepen cooperation with the various “wings” and university, practice the strategy of combining production, learning, and research, using high-quality products and leading scientific research to provide strong support for TIENS' comprehensive strategy of “One Body, Multiple Wings”.


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