Reasons for engaging in travel business

Advantages of Travel Business

Everybody intents to travel,

Everybody likes travelling.

So the market share is tremendous.

Travel Services

Core Business

  • Business Travel Services

    Ticketing, Hotel booking, Conventions, and Exhibitions

  • Leisure Business

    Providing information (related to vacations, meetings, etc.); pushing sharing and purchases (tickets, accommodation, tour groups, etc.)

  • Travel Alliance

    A global travel alliance, and a one-stop direct purchasing platform

    ✓ Car Rental: providing experienced drivers and guides around the world; ✓ Tickets: Direct purchasing with transparent prices of project resources for local entertainment experiences, such as tickets and performances.

    ✓ Accommodations: Inquiries for global hotel price listings; ✓ Land Operation: Local tourism reception services


Recommended Scenic Areas

Bangkok, Thailand

Berlin Cathedra


Bangkok, Thailand

European towns - Greek scenery

Pura Luhur Tanah Lot

The Golden Gate Bridge

Las Vegas

San Francisco Bay