Ideas And Responsibility

A small enterprise belongs to an individual; a developed enterprise belongs to the country, all people, and the society! As a trusted corporate citizen, TIENS has had its ups and downs over the past decade Chairman Li Jinyuan always upholds the spirit of "benevolence ", having a heart "as good as water ", and fulfilling social civic responsibility Over the years, following the cause of great health, TIENS has always advocated love and humanistic concern, and devotes itself to public welfare undertakings, such as charity, education, and environmental protection Adhering to the concept of "coexistence, mutual benefit and win-win ", it actively promotes the harmonious development of individuals, society, and nature, leading people to care for others, nourish their society, and give back to nature, jointly creating a happy and harmonious life through the establishment of a systematic public welfare platform From focusing on vulnerable groups and supporting education, to protecting the environment and helping the poor through poverty alleviation; from simple giving back to the operation of systematic charity programs; from purely charitable donations to the integrated transmission of love and culture, TIENS people "feel love, create love, and spread love ", so that the flowers of charity and love can bloom in the world With global charitable donations of money and goods exceeding 1 5 billion yuan, TIENS personally contributes to the harmonious development of society with its own strength Love has no borders The flowers of charity and love bloom all over the world TIENS charitable cause still continues

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Feel Love

During its development, TIENS has never forgotten the strong support it received from all sectors of society. With the simplest and sincerest donations, TIENS affirms society with the simplest and sincerest donations, which demonstrates the profound conno

Create Love

Using practical actions to achieve the commitment of love is the process TIENS uses to create love. Through TIENS Meijing International Love Foundation, the charity and public welfare undertakings of TIENS can be more systematically and continuously opera

Spread Love

TIENS believes that the essence of love is to spread the meaning of love, to unite more charitable forces with action, to improve the awareness of charity and the public welfare of the whole society, to call for the participation and dedication from all p